We know its easy to lose track of time in front of your computer. Especially when all of our work/play time is spent at home in front of a computer. We wanted a friendly reminder to tell a user to walk away and rest their eyes from the horrendous blue light damage.

What it does

A reminder is sent to a users Chrome notifications to take a break after an allotted amount of time. A user can also check how long they have been online with an accessible active timer

How I built it

We used Chrome Extensions to deploy our app which was written in JavaScript,HTML,CSS,and JSON

Challenges I ran into

We weren't able to get the notification to consistently show the live time as it would reset randomly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

None of my team was proficient in JavaScript so tackling a newer language was something we were proud to keep up with each other. None of us have deployed a Chrome extension before either so learning how easy that process has opened up new avenues to explore and strengthen our coding skills.

What I learned

OS should be consistent when a team is working together on an app to avoid questions about if the OS is the problem

What's next for Take A Break!

We can eventually build this app to give a user tips on what to do when taking a break like getting some water to stay hydrated or even walking around their block to get some steps in.

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