Here is our problem. The Hsuehshan Tunnel can be severely clogged between Taipei and Yilan especially during holidays. We think the main reasons for the congestion are that people tend to drive alone or don’t take advantage of the public transportation, also people tend to drive the shortest route through the Hsuehshan Tunnel. Our suggestion is to encourage people to do ride-sharing and give them advice of route choosing based on costs and travel distance. Here is our App, Taipei-Yilan Route Calculator. The Taipei and Yilan’s map we exacted from google is showed above. First we need to select the travel direction, here we choose Taipei to Yilan. Then we choose the vehicle brand and model. We choose Ford, Mondeo Hybrid. Then choose the passengers we want to pick up. We choose 2 extra passengers because we want to use the HOV line. Then the departure date and time. The results show the estimate distance and cost for different routes. Basically the cost is calculated based on fuel cost, toll and total divided by the passenger number you take.

Using the Yilan route, for example, our app provides the estimated trip distance and cost per passenger. Here’s what our app looks like on an iPhone. Calculating using the default selections, you see the end result again, which is estimated trip distance and cost per passenger. Thank you for watching!

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