As college students ourselves, we know the difficulty of figuring out what meals to make for the day, much less an entire week. In addition, healthy meals are also important for daily nutrition, but college students lack this due to their busy schedule.


The app automatically creates weekly meal plans for both students and young professionals to achieve nutritional goals, develop culinary mastery, and live healthier and more sustainable lives. In addition to providing meal plans listing calories, ingredients, duration for preparation, and the number of people it feeds, it provides a listing of nearby grocery stores where the ingredients are sold at.

Technical Stack

We built it using React Native framework, with a MongoDB back-end and "React Native Elements" components. We also worked with Amazon Alexa's skills and Google Cloud's Google Maps API.


We had a hard time using the Google places API for the user's location and building a REST API to connect Amazon Alexa's development module with MongoDB Atlas's database.


We are proud of how well we integrated different functional components of our team to iterate through the full product development pipeline and create both hi-fidelity mockups and a proof-of-concept application that was able to achieve our goal effectively.

Lessons Learned

We learned JavaScript, a new framework, how to create Alexa skills, communicate with a database like MongoDB and implement Google cloud API's.

The Future of TailoredChef

Once we complete our initial product, the next big feature we'd like to add is a gamified way to learn fundamental culinary skills through a separate learn view—think Duolingo for cooking basics—to further fulfill and expand upon our initial vision.

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