So it is a mimic of a drumming game called Taiko: Drum Master. You use LeapMotion to control the drumming action by your hands. Imagine that there are two areas in front of you in the air which represent two parts of a drum (centre area and side area), each of them makes different sound effect when you hit it. You want to hit the right place at the right time when the beats come into the playing area in order to achieve higher score in this game.

Everything is written in Javascript and rendered on HTML5 Canvas in your web browser.


Clone or download the file and use cmd to open the directory, then do:
npm install
Connect your computer with Leap Motion.
Open index.html in the root directory of the file.
Ready to play.

Disclaimer: Audio and Images in this app are downloaded from the internet, I DO NOT OWN ANY AUDIO AND IMAGE IN THIS APP.

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