TahiNETWORK was inspired by social media sites, primarily, reddit and discord. Tahi in maori means one, or joining as one. This network will enable organizations and personnel to collaborate as ONE.

What it does

TahiNETWORK is a social platform directed at connecting NGO's based in the pacific region and professionals together, thorugh the means of discussion forums. This allows these Individuals and NGO's to better collaborate on projects.

How we built it

TahiNETWORK was built by Humans, Applications and AI working together. The primary platform used was bubble and the primary language used was html.

Challenges we ran into

1) server functionality issues 2) database errors 3) naming errors 4) coding errors 5) software issues 6) occasional internet shortages

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) A working sign-in/ sign-up system 2) A working forum system 3) A working database

What we learned

I am now able to code complex HTML functions into websites. I am also able to make full use of ICT and IoT technologies. This project has also taught me how to integrate AI in making coding and design easier and more efficient.

Built With

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