Every household is an inspiration. Every second women in Pakistan suffer from physical,psychological, verbal, and financial abuse. The biggest challenge in Pakistan is to report any form of domestic abuse in a more quickest and accessible way. Tahaffuz is going to be a one stop solution that report timely any kind of abuse happens domestically.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is going to be a solution that help to reduce any kind of discrimination against women and girls and become a way where women can exercise their rights that are given under the law. We are making the SDG # 5 i.e Gender Equality actually happen by coming up the solution according to its given indicators.

How we built it

Prototypes using Adobe xD and plan to make an app based solution.

What's next for Tahaffuz

Engaging the relevant stakeholders and taking them on board to work together on the innovative solution and to address the reporting issue of domestic abuse in a more quickest way.

Built With

  • mobile-app
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