This project was completed for mixMotion. The details will not be posted publicly. Frank Yu, another intern, contributed to this project in tremendous ways.

What is the TagTool?

The TagTool lets artists draw on a tablet. The drawing is outputted in real-time to a display. The artist has the ability to select any hue of colour, opacity, and thickness of point. An extremely popular use of the TagTool involves projecting the drawing onto a sculpture, building, or wall. This way, the artist is able to digitally graffiti the subject and bring cityscapes to life.

How is it used?

The TagTool had four user controls. The first was a colour selector in the form of a touchscreen. The user was able to select any shade and hue of any colour. This would change the colour of the output. The colour was actively displayed as a star on the display when the artist would hold the stylus within proximity of the tablet. The user was able to actively change the colour with their finger while drawing, producing a rainbow effect. The second control was opacity. A sliding control dictated how opaque or transparent the streak being drawn is. Once again, the opacity was monitored in real-time and thus was able to be changed while the user was drawing. The third feature was the width of the line or streak being drawn. This was changed by applying varying pressures on the tablet with the stylus. Lastly, there was a simple button that would clear the screen to prepare it for a new creation.

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