The main idea was to implement JIRA issues navigation process in lite and visual form. The simplest and most popular is, I think - tag cloud.

What it does

Add-On provides tags cloud of recently issues. Multiple criteria supported: most visited, most answered, most logged time. Stay tuned for the new criteria!

Challenges I ran into

They are:

  1. JavaScript problems.
  2. HMTL/CSS whims. Making adaptive and user-friendly layout.
  3. Support several contexts (issue side panel plus gadget) ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of Good progress in hard deadlines. Designing Servlet Filters for required needs. ## What I learned Working with cookies in JavaScript. A closer look at atlassian-sdk, UX (when was designing a gadget layout) ## What's next for Tags Cloud for JIRA More criteria. Performance optimizations. Not only issues will be supported in future, who knows.
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