According to the American Community Survey, more than 70% of everyday travel to work/events/school are single occupancy vehicles. When commuters leave for work or school and they always find it difficult to find parking and lets be honest staying traffic sucks. Tagrides provides an opportunity for Drivers and Riders to find each and tagalong. We got inspiration from MapQuest API, Arity, and Hyphenate.

What it does

Tagrides connects commuters on the same route in real time. Using Tagrides an individual can get from A to B faster better cheaper safer and helping to reduce the carbon emission by 50%. (note even if you are driving an Electric Vehicle you are still using electricity which 70% of comes from the fossil fuel).

How I built it

We used Map Quest API for Direction (Turn by Turn Navigation + Voice), Routing , Geolocation, and fleet management. We use Arity SDK to monitor how safely drivers complete their rides, and use that data to generate a Tagscore (1-10) of the drivers which everyone can see. We use the Arity Safe Alerts API to alert drivers while they are giving a ride to someone for any severe problems on the road We use Hyphenate for driver to passenger communication and location sharing and ride share social networking.

Challenges I ran into

We had a bit of difficulty integrating all of this amazing API and technologies but we are glad it worked out well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we could work on this amazing project and a have the demo, and we like to continue on this project

What I learned

We learned high level of API integration could be really challenging in this hackathon and debugging can be really cumbersome

What's next for TagRides

We hope that we can continue polishing this hack and make a product that the can help reduce carbon emission and connect the world through ridesharing.

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