As a developer support engineer, I had to do tons of research and learning to understand the developer related issue with different platforms such as Outlook , WebDAV, Exchange on everyday basis. Most of the customer had similar issues and best thing was to send them support article which i had shared earlier. I use to keep track of those article in a notepad/word document. On top of that most of the time we get tons of emails from HR/Training and internal support queries and it was really difficult to organize and save all the links. I was also an early adopter for Microsoft Teams development platform and realize that similar issue with links in Teams conversation. We have then come up with plan and created app for Teams/Outlook/Chrome.

What it does

“TagMyFav” is a next-gen app that reinforces the way you work within the Microsoft environment. It allows you to share & save links within a collaborative setup of Microsoft Teams; allows team members to share & bookmark URLs with each other and it enables the group admin to push set of links to new team members within an organization or an institution, and much more! It’s an application that empowers you with a seamless facility to keep your valuable URLs and content handy and available for all the team members.

How we built it

Using Vue.js for front end with Microsoft Teams SDK, SSO and Microsoft Graph API.

Challenges we ran into

Managing and reading details from BotFramework SDK without using Teams Graph API. It is also very difficult to get to to app store and Microsoft Teams Validation Team keeps on finding the bugs which are Microsoft Teams bugs. Debugging app with Team is very time consuming and slow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to implement new Teams features such as Messaging Extension and Task Module to read message url. We have leveraged new SSO capabilities of Teams Tab, so user never has to sign-in again.

What we learned

New SSO of Microsoft Teams along with Task module.

What's next for TagMyFav Collaborative Bookmark

We are looking for a way to integrated with new Microsoft Search which allows indexing external contents for org wide search. With this integration user can directly submit and search links indexed by Microsoft Search.

Built With

  • .net
  • microsoftgraph
  • vue
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