The game watchdogs has a feature where the main character can see information about those around him, and we wanted to bring that into the real world in a meaningful way.

What it does

A user wearing google glass, equipped with our app, can find out information about the person in front of them.

How I built it

The backend written in node and deployed on azure connects with the facebook graph api and scrapes facebook for data after facially recognizing a picture sent from google glass.

What's next for Taggr

The possibilities for Taggr are endless. We see potential implementations in the business world, in retail, in marketing. There are very few - if any - market places in the world where relevant information isn't a commodity. We're thinking of the sales person who can better inform his customer on products he or she might enjoy, the networking business man who can better connect with others, or even the person who's terrible at remembering names.

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