A friend who volunteers at Urban Ministries in Durham, NC (a homeless shelter) was in charge of managing the clothing closet. She needed a better system for keeping track of donations and clothing inventories, which is especially important during the cold winter months. Homeless shelters across the nation face similar problems; although warehouse inventory systems exist online, they are either extremely limited in scope or are too costly for nonprofit shelters.

Tagged is designed for use in any homeless shelter with access to a USB barcode scanner. A volunteer can quickly scan a printable sticky clothing tag, scan another barcode which determines what type of clothing item it is (in terms of size, type, etc.), and enter that data into a system. We've integrated a powerful, dynamic search system into our database which allows users to quickly filter through inventory items. In addition, we have notification systems for when items are too old and must be donated to goodwill.

Tagged can help overworked and understaffed homeless shelters become more effective in helping clothe the most vulnerable in our society.

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