I'm a university student in Bangalore India, I love working in the field of AR/VR/MR. For around 2 years I'm working on to find use cases in this field which can be used by the large community.

A year ago I found that when I share a photo of mine I usually tag an address to it, but what I want to tag it with a geo-location, for example, lets suppose I was drinking coffee with my friend in Starbucks we click a picture and want to share it on the social network but what I want the photo should be tagged to a particular table(where I was sitting), so whenever any friend of mine visit the Starbucks and when he hovers his phone in that place he can see my photo.

AR was limited to marker scale until Apple and Google have released the native support for the platforms which have introduced the advanced SLAM which helps in storing virtual object to world scale.

TagAR is an Augmented reality-based app which helps users to tag the digital media in the real world using geolocation(SLAM) and helps it helps the community to share content in the real world.

What it does

TagAR is an IOS application which allows users to drop digital media at a particular place (such as malls, college, offices) and share them with their friends when they are visiting the place the app also helps users to navigate inside the is a sample video of how media can be shared

How we built it

We used Unity framework and ARKit to develop AR mapping and tagging code it uses SLAM to map the current users AR session and save it to share the AR session. We used Facebook Unity SDK to authenticate each user and link them to their friends, so they can share the AR data, we used Facebook login API for logging process. we are also trying to integrate the facebook AR studio to generate AR content.

Once the Media is tagged the users can save the scene and can share it through facebook so whenever any friend visits the same place he/she can view all the tagged media at that place

The app also provides navigation in AR for users to visit all the tags - This Idea can also be used as new indoor navigation solution as it does not need any extra hardware(beacons and wifi) and the floor map of the premises for navigation. The accuracy in geotagging is in 50cm.

Apart from this, we have also integrated a solution in which users path who are using Indoor navigation in the app can be tracked so we can find the interest of the user and target the advertisements. a sample video to show that link

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was to save the current AR session( AR Map which contains the user path and digital media) and share it with authenticated users, but Facebook SDK helps us to solve the problem

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have developed the prototype and showed it to different people(mentors in technology) which helped us to make it more user-friendly. We have also won the 1st price at Finale of facebook build day - community challenge held at Bangalore, India for this product

We have also developed a new way of automated indoor navigation in which stakeholders can design the map on their own just by walking in the area and share it for Indoor navigation.

What we learned

We have learned a new way of how media can be shared and accessed using Augmented Reality, this helps the community to connect and bring the world closer.

What's next for TagAR - Indoor navigation and media tagging in AR

Integrating it with a social media platform and developing an interface of how AR map can be shared with different peoples.

Please refer to the link to the powerpoint presentation for more detailed information link

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