Building Iot Platforms can be complicated. Especially with the hardware costs required to build a dependable network of devices. After reading a lot about IBM bluemix I found a solution that would fix most of the issues with managing a fleet of cars.

What it does

IBM Watson's IoT platform provided a lot of the tools required to build a mapping system. Administrators can keep track of a fleet of cars based on location, events, or status. This allows an administrator to send notifications to car owners or rate drivers to better handle insurance/maintenance costs.

How I built it

Using NodeJS and Bluemix, I started with a boilerplate IoT platform provided by IBM. Using a Cloudant NoSQL database I can keep track of cars based on any specification which allows for OBDII tracking or custom modules to be installed in antique cars.

Challenges I ran into

Upon realizing OBDII modules aren't installed in cars <2000 I had to find better solutions to accommodate for a that. So I exposed an API to provide similar data as the OBDII module through an application (TBD, To Be Developed).

What's next for Tagait Smart Fleet Tracking Platform

Building the mobile application library to be integrated with the current Tagait ecommerce platform in order to provide analytics through a IoT pipeline.

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