Let's face it: Museums, parks, and exhibits need some work in this digital era. Why lean over to read a small plaque when you can get a summary and details by tagging exhibits with a portable device? There is a solution for this of course: NFC tags are a fun modern technology, and they could be used to help people appreciate both modern and historic masterpieces. Also there's one on your chest right now!

The Plan

Whenever a tour group, such as a student body, visits a museum, they can streamline their activities with our technology. When a member visits an exhibit, they can scan an NFC tag to get detailed information and receive a virtual collectible based on the artifact. The goal is to facilitate interaction amongst the museum patrons for collective appreciation of the culture. At any time, the members (or, as an option, group leaders only) will have access to a live slack feed of the interactions, keeping track of each other's whereabouts and learning.

How it Works

When a user tags an exhibit with their device, the Android mobile app (built in Java) will send a request to the StdLib service (built in Node.js) that registers the action in our MongoDB database, and adds a public notification to the real-time feed on slack.

The Hurdles and the Outcome

Our entire team was green to every technology we used, but our extensive experience and relentless dedication let us persevere. Along the way, we gained experience with deployment oriented web service development, and will put it towards our numerous future projects. Due to our work, we believe this technology could be a substantial improvement to the museum industry.


Our product can be easily tailored for ecotourism, business conferences, and even larger scale explorations (such as cities and campus). In addition, we are building extensions for geotags, collectibles, and information trading.

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