Bored on a Weekend?

Well, grab all your friends and play Tag It!

How to get started

Getting started is simple, just:

  1. Register or log in
  2. Start up a game room
  3. Add your photos
  4. Tell your friends to join the game
  5. Start the game

It's that easy!

How it works

Each photo gets saved to your game with the location of where you took the photo. Users then have to go find the items you set and tag them.

In order for an item to be tagged, a user needs to verify a tag from their device next to the item. (GPS Verification)

After an item is tagged, it can no longer be tagged by another user.

Watch your friends battle it out as they try to be the first person to tag an item.

What we used

We used image processing for the photos, core data for saving data locally, and GPS to save picture locations.

We have a server set up to keep track of saved game rooms, users, game admins, and pictures.

The story behind the code

Glad you asked.

Once we heard we had to use image processing, our minds started rushing with ideas. Our idea started out as scavenger hunt. Ironically, it was suggested by our team member who did not attend the Swift workshop.

We set out to make the best darn scavenger hunt app ever!

We started with a brainstorm session:

My image

Lots of brainstorming......

Then, we began development and mapped out the user process:

My image

After countless hours of developing and designing, we finally finished our app, Tag It.

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