Many college students today, including the members of our team, face the issue of managing the countless amount of tasks given to us on a daily basis. In addition, to many of us this happens to be our first hackathon, so we decided to take up an app which is practical to create and applicable to our every day lives. Above all, our team aimed to make an app to the best of our abilities which we can develop over time

What it does

Tadu is an interactive checklist app that organizes the priorities of the users according to importance, due date, and labels. As of now, the app allows you input tasks into a database which you can access with the click of a button. However, after future work, the development team hopes to add a feature which increments the importance of tasks over time thus bringing older untouched tasks to the users' attention. Along with that, the team also hopes to add a mobile version of the app for android and apple devices in order to help people keep track of their lists where ever they go! Tadu is an app that will make you say tada when your todo lists become clear!

How we built it

The app is a internet application which can currently be accessed through a web browser. In order to have it run, we utilized resources provided by the New Jersey Institute of Technology including that of phpMyAdmin and the file system directory. Through the use of several languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, we were able to easily retrieve data from our databases and display them on the users' screens.

Challenges we ran into

Of course time was the main issue when developing the app. There were many aspects which we wish we could have included, however because of time constraints, we had to brush over the smaller and broader details.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, we are most proud of putting together a completely functional application, despite the fact that it does not fulfill all of the desired tasks intended. When coming to the hackathon, our purpose was not to win, but to learn, develop and push ourselves as coders.

What we learned

Overall, our team has learned more than we could have ever imagined today. Our backend coders discovered more about PHP and MySQL, and our frontend designers became more well tuned to HTML and web design. Above all, our team definitely learned a thing or two about teamwork.

What's next for Tadu

Our development team will continue to improve on Tadu following the hackathon in order to improve our technical skills while also creating an application that we would all use every day.

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