Youtube has subtitles for spectators as well as for deaf people to follow the voice rendered in the video. But what about deafblind?

What it does

We aim to create a handy device that can simulate the human voice employing vibration that can be perceived through the sense of touch.

Idea behind this project:

Tadoma is a method of communication used by deafblind individuals, in which the deafblind person places their fingers on the speaker's lips and jawline. The fingers are used for picking up the vibrations of the speaker's voice and understand what's being told.

How to use the product

All you need to do is just plugin Tadome into your mobile or laptop through the USB cable and your good to go. Tadome uses the captions generated by your video that are being streamed into vibrator pulses that can be interpreted through tactile senses.


  • A viable device to provide medical assistance to the deafblind and disabled
  • A handy solution to educate the disabled through the Tadoma method ## What's next for Tadome The project is currently in the ideation phase, and we aim to make this product to existence by means of support and mentoring from experts

Built With

  • 3d
  • figma
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