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COVID-19 and the lack of physical support from staying at home. Due to the current state of emergency, everyone is taking a part in staying at home. We want to motivate our users to achieve their goals via online team collaboration.

What it does

Tado is a productivity web application that focuses on collaboration so you all can work on your goals as a team. It fuses your favourite To-Do list with a party game to continually motivate teammates to strive for just one more task while also providing communication between you and your friends through interactive tasks and games.

How I built it

We used React as the front end of the application and used ASP.NET to support the backend of the application. In addition, we tried integrating SignalR to allow multiple users to connect to the web app and create a real-time app (in progress). We also utilized Azure to host the web application. We were able to set up continuous integration and deployment through GitHub to Azure. Try out our app online:

Challenges I ran into

We had issues with setting up a proper REST-based API with ASP.NET. As a fallback, we used SignalR instead to send data to other players in real time. This works well with our app since its main function is to update other players on the progress of that player. We also ran into trouble setting up Azure, but eventually we were able to figure it out thanks to the help of one of our mentors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to create a full web application with both frontend and backend (plus database) support. While many of us didn't have experience in setting up the backend of the application, we were still able to set it up and send simple requests. In addition, we were able to set up Azure and host the web application online so everyone can see and play around with our app. We integrated SQL server into our app as well to unlock more potentials in the future for our application

What I learned

For many of us (minus one), this was our first hackathon. We learned a lot of APis and dev tools, even before the hackathon, and we also learned how to design our app. In this way, we balanced our time so that we had the maximum time to code during the hackathon. We were able to build a React app that interfaces with an ASP.NET backend, which was a new tech stack for all of us.

What's next for TaDo

We soon hope to integrate APIs to easily keep track user tasks relating to Social Media We want to use more specific topic Tado boards (fitness, cooking, work, school, etc) for better organization.

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posted an update

Our current version of the TaDo (Tasks to Do) App is not fully connected to the backend so some functionalities are not implemented. The concept of the App can be demonstrated through the current version. In future releases, we aim to connect to our backend and allow multiple users to connect to our application to a room. We also aim to implement other APIs and games into our app. Want your to-dos to be more exciting? Use TaDo!

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