It is far easier to evolve a robot into something better at a job than it is to evolve a human to be better at a job, and it’s an effective solution in a multitude of situations and purposes. The inspiration behind the project was to develop a particular robotics platform whose basic technologies can be adapted with minimal efforts to support human beings in a wide array of applications that require the ability to interact with environments that are otherwise un-accessible by wheeled robots.

What it does

Hextraon is a nature-inspired six-legged robot that replicates the movement of an actual insect. -In the wake of natural disasters or for investigating the cause of fire/disaster, Hexatron can become part of the disaster management team to remotely inspect areas, generate data and maps or remotely sense the conditions of an environment.

  • Local industries can make use of Hexatron long-distance teleoperation capability to determine the plant operation and the safety of the facility.
  • Equipped with AI perception and manipulation capabilities, Hexatron can provide assistance in ground support missions.
  • Researches can make use of Hexatron for exploring places that are unreachable for humans. It can also be used by the researcher to test their hypothesis. etc. Spurred by enormous improvements in actuation, sensing and computing capabilities, the project can tremendously be improved and used for more sophisticated jobs.

Challenges I ran into

Belonging to a country where there are inadequate resources and support, working on such a project solo was a huge challenge for me, rather than being afraid of the challenges I looked at the situation as a chance to grow and learn. The most challenging aspect was the unavailability of adequate funds to build a robotic system, so I had to work as a freelancer. The inadequate resources and availability of materials was also one of the huge challenges and to counter such a challenge I have to think rational and creative, I have built most of the part for my project on my own.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First of all my work itself is my biggest accomplishment, along with that I have so far won 3 awards and also presenting my project on 18 Feb 2020 at Microsoft ImagineCup National Finals and all that I have done on my own with my trust on Allah and my mother prayers.

What I learned

Working on this project is a huge turning point in my life because I have learned many sets of skills and successfully achieved a number of personal goals including building this project and turning it into a startup, upgrading my computer skills, content creation, web development, business management, business plan development, desktop, and mobile development, working with different programming languages, VR, 3D designing and animation, video production, and editing, marketing, IoT and fabrication. In addition to that, I also have developed strong interpersonal and communication skills. Through being an entrepreneur and establishing a new startup it has allowed me to interact and effectively work with many different individuals.

What's next for Tacton Biotic Project Hexatron

To establish a Pakistani engineering and robotics design company to build the most agile, robust, flexible robots with high dexterity that will address the needs of industries and general consumers. To automate Pakistan by fostering talent and nurturing their expertise in the field of robotics.

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