Tactileo is an LCMS platform for building educational or training resources and sharing them with learners. The platform also makes it possible to track them.

The origin of the implementation of a Tactileo application in Teams stems from a strong partnership between Microsoft and our company. Specifically the Teams application allows us to bring non-existent social features on our platform such as the implementation of inverted classes or to have spaces for team exchanges. However, having more integration ensures that users have a better understanding of the possibilities

Within Teams, the Tactileo application allows the contribution of rich and varied multimedia content (diversity of educational activities and information, allowing learners to receive automatic correction).

The possibilities of complementarity of the two tools were therefore important.

This project also allowed us to delve deeper into the Teams universe, which we used on a daily but superficial basis, and collaborate with an inspiring team on the design and development of the applications.

This application is a first release, and we hope to continue to develop it in order to allow an even more complete integration and have an association with Teams' Education tools.

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