Problem statement

In learning dentistry, much of what we as dentists need to know depends on the sense of touch. This cannot be taught with lectures and books, and the sense of touch is missing from pre-clinical dental simulations.


This idea occurred to me while I was being helped with a scaling and root planing by a periodontist. He took the 11/12 explorer and asked me to hold it behind his hand. As he drew the working end over the subgingival calculus, I was able to feel the vibration of the instrument.

What it does

This project allows us to record the vibrations of dental instruments in use, then play them back so that dental students can feel what the dentist feels.

How I built it

Breadboarding electrical components.


The haptic sensation coupled with video make a compelling illusion of touch.

What's next

Refine the physical product with panel-mounted connections, and bluetooth for wireless audio transmission. Bring the contact mic to clinic, record dental operations with it and macro video. Branch out beyond dentistry for haptic gaming, VR, etc.

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