Well, we were just talking about ideas on what to do, and I just thought of tacos. Then we built this.

The program is designed to allow the user to simulate different taco combinations, and later rating the taco that the user has made and measuring a rough caloric intake of the taco.

We just made it in Java, I did the rough building of the design in Eclipse and then Cristian took the design, and added more visual elements, running the popups, and managing some of the files.

I think the biggest challenge that we ran into was managing the graphics of the program since we were still kind of new to the whole thing.

The biggest accomplishment is finishing TacoSimV1. It was just a great experience and us being able to turn in something, is probably something we're most proud of. If not, then the taco images.

We learned some GUI design in java, reviewing of file systems, and that time management is important.

The next step for TacoSimV1 is TacoSimV2, we are going to plan out how to improve the simulation further.

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