Both team members work for Taco Bell Corp as help desk analysts.

What it does

This is a game where you have to build tacos according to the orders that come up on your order board. You control the player character, hoping across moving platforms that randomly change size and speed every time the game is restarted. Your goal is to collect the taco ingredients in the order the customer requests, you make get nothing but cheese, or lettuce on the bottom, the customer is always right in TACO MAKER 3000!

How we built it

Thomas wrote the game in Python 3.7 in Pycharm using the Pygame library. Yuji drew original sprites using the Piskel online editor.

Challenges we ran into

Thomas kept passing values incorrectly but got that squared away. Yuji had to work full-time both days.

What's next for TACO MAKER 3000

Probably build on top of it for another jam.

Built With

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