WhatsApp recently hit 500M active users. 757M people use Facebook every day. And those figures keep climbing. WeChat is at 400M active users. That’s a lot — a lot of people coming online, a lot of people meeting online, a lot of people talking online.

Dialogue is a deep and core part of being human, but communication is never easy. Offline, you have friends who can help. Online, there’s no support network.

Everyone should be comfortable and confident in talking. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. We’re trying to change that.

In Tacklebox, we can make people laugh, we can bring people together, we can build honest and genuine relationships on a large scale. Laugh all you want, but there is very real and tangible value in a product that can add an element of humanity into technology.

Anonymously sign in with Facebook, and you're brought into a feed of "baits." Each bait has a person's last response and the context of the situation, to which you and others can write and vote on potential responses or give feedback on the situation.

Users are also able to save "baits" to which they can view later for reference.

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