next generation of open company culture.
We build a new way to thank someone in your company for helping you.
Using Tack, each time you want to thank someone, you can give him/her a badge.
People can use those badges to build their career portfolio, redeem benefits from workplace and get motivation to get better.
This gratitude culture will help the business move faster and the environment to be much nicer. It's also a great tool managers can use to understand what's going on in the company - who helps who, what are the most helpers etc...
People today helping people in sites like StackOverflow just to get badges and better score. We use this gamification model in your company to motivate people to help.
Join now - http://www.tackapp.club


Sparkpost, Sinch - send email and SMS to users for notifications.
GUN - storing in-memory metadata of users.
FullContact - getting full profile of each user (fb/twitter/photos etc..)
.club - out domain is tachapp.club

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