Taccto is a tablet-optimized application that makes in-person meetings more efficient and productive.

With Taccto, you can import your documents from anywhere and project them across huddled tablets devices instantly. Your team can interact around these documents in real-time and the meeting stream is automatically recorded for easy review later.

Taccto is now integrated with Evernote to make your meetings even more manageable.

Use Evernote to compile your meeting notes, documents and web clippings. Import this collateral into Taccto to share and interact around the content in real-time during the meeting.

Finally, export a summary of the completed meeting back to Evernote. This summary contains not just your own meeting notes, but also all notes and documents shared by other meeting participants. It also has a link which lets you playback the meeting stream in its full context at anytime.

To try these features, signup for a free Taccto account and authorize Evernote by clicking "Settings" in-app.

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