As technology continues to advance, schools have moved the majority of their platforms and resources online. This year with the current pandemic situation, many learning facilities have switched to online learning. Despite the convenience online learning may bring, it also comes along with its own set of limitations. Because we have experienced these issues ourselves, we have decided to focus on a common problem among students, which is the convenience of accessing tabs. Oftentimes, students have multiple tabs open for each of their courses, whether it’s for Zoom, assignments, textbooks, or online files. Opening every website needed every single day is rather time-consuming and difficult.

For these problems, we have proposed the design of a Google Chrome extension. This Chrome Extension, tabyeet, will allow users to store all school-related websites and open all the websites with the click of a button. The user is able to add websites to their personal list with a Google account and start their workspace easily.

We chose to implement a Chrome extension because of the resources available to developers and because Chrome is one of the most popular browsers today. This allows more people to make use of our product.

Taking advantage of the Chrome extension developer tools, we used jquery and various chrome extension APIs to make the website lists persistent, such as On top of that, we used the typical web development languages to create the user interface, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are two main HTML components that make up the landing page and the editing page. Corresponding JavaScript and CSS pages add logic and UI elements. This is a simple program that adds a lot of convenience to students.

In the future, we would like to add some features to our extension. First of all, we would like to have the ability to store multiple different tab lists for different purposes (e.g school vs. work). We also hope to allow customization of backgrounds and extend our extension to include iOS and Android users.

If there are any further questions, you can find our repository at and email us at Thanks for checking us out!

PS. Try adding the extension yourself to Chrome. :D

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