In a Nutshell

TabWise aims to help you split the bill - even faster and simpler than ever before! What we offer that's different from competitors is an end-to-end solution requiring no maths, no user accounts, and promising instant and free payments via card. Interested? Read on to find out more...

How it Works

Imagine you're at a restaurant with a large group of people. One ordered a Carbonara and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Another ordered a Flat Iron Steak and a Malbec. Someone else ordered a basket of Chicken Wings and split it with three other people. You shared a bottle of Prosecco with two other people. The list goes on...

How do you split it!?

Here are your options:
A. Just split it equally amongst yourselves.
B. Manually calculate everything and add it into SplitWise or some expenses sharing app.

A is not always going to be fair, and B is tedious.

Enter TabWise, an end-to-end solution to this age-old problem!

With 3 easy steps you can get on with your life and do more important things!

Step 1. Scan it!

One person, let's say you, has paid the bill. Simply navigate to our website, and scan the receipt using your phone. No cropping needed, no messing about - just scan it!

Step 2. Say it!

We'll give you a simple, readable and sayable link. Get your friends to visit the link by simply saying it out loud!

Step 3. Split it!

On the website, everyone selects the receipt items that they were involved in. Once we verify that everything tallies, everyone gets a unique, customised link to pay you exactly what they owe you!

Ideas for Improvements

We are not currently actively developing this, but here are some of our ideas to take this idea further.

  • Enable more granular splitting (e.g. a bottle of wine being split into 1/3 and 2/3 instead of half-half)
  • Integrate with and support other banks
  • Allow for persistent accounts (while continuing to support users who don't have accounts)
  • Universal payment service that is not dependent on individual banks

Built With

  • an-orange
  • bananas
  • cmder
  • computer
  • concentrated-power-of-will
  • curl
  • dayjs
  • devpost
  • dialup
  • digital-solution
  • ecmascript
  • eslint
  • express.js
  • fancy-socks
  • gatsby
  • insomnia
  • intel-inside
  • microwave-internet-exploder
  • node.js
  • now
  • pizza
  • protein-bars
  • surge
  • truelayer
  • unicode
  • vodafone-wifi
  • whiteboard
  • whitespace
  • wsl
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