What is Tabtor? Tabtor is a learning platform that enables personalization of learning for every student, because every student is different.

Tools of personalization There are five tools of personalization all meant to enable an incisive observation of the learning process, at the point of learning. The five tools are: digital paper, learning analytics, adaptive progression, asynchronous collaboration, and triage process in instructor tools.

Making Learning Fun Tabtor incoporates interactivity, gamification, rewards and badges to make learning fun for students.

Digital Paper is not just a paper Both the student and the teacher can write on the digital paper (on iPads), just like handwriting on a physical paper. This allows a student to show the workout of a problem and show solution strategy. The digital paper is interactive. A digital paper includes audio and can potentially include any digital media type.

Learning Analytics If two students answer the same question correctly, does it mean their proficiency is the same? We think no. We capture intelligence to capture learning metrics - every keystroke, use of pencil, use of eraser, etc. is tracked to give a confidence metric on learning.

Adaptive Progression Every student gets a tailored learning sequence that adapts based on their performance. Students performance is evaluated on every chunk of work and students move to the next step based on the performance.

Exchange of Layers At every point only a delta layer is being exchanged between the student and the teacher, thus making the exchange of digital layers very scalable even with low bandwidth connection. All iPad apps work offline as well.

The backend architecture is noSQL, with components exposed through Restful API. And it is not tied to iOS. We also plan to build Android apps. Anytime, anywhere.

Offline-Online It has been designed to work offline. It has minimal footprint for storage and is very efficient on bandwidth while syncing. A 1000 students can be working at the same time but not requiring an internet connection all the time.

Open Platform It is an open platform. Works with biology, chemistry, and even with foreign languages using unicode … any one can write to this and in any language. We provide open access to anyone to write content and in future an open content to write interaction libraries

It is personalization delivered via digital paper technology, layers, analytics and a slight peppering of instructor services.

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