Throughout our academic careers, we face one immense issue when completing work on computers: overloading Chrome's potential. Frustrating as it can be, people have to bear this issue. However, we have developed a solution to maximize efficiency and time while working on the internet.

What it does

Our solution groups the tabs you have open on one window into a singular array that stores these URL addresses. After saving the group with a unique name, you can close the window, shut off your laptop, and enjoy some fresh air. After coming back, open the Chrome Extension and resume your work without risking your laptop damage by leaving it on continuously.

How we built it

By utilizing Sublime Text editor, we used JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Chrome's Extension API, the team was able to develop multiple files that cohesively resolve the frustrating issue everyone faces.

Challenges we ran into

When creating the program, none of the team members had previous knowledge of JavaScript or any of the tools utilized in the process in developing the end product. Through the past 36 hours, the team was able to successfully learn Javascript and

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to learn, write, and polish a program in a new language is definitely a feat for the team. The team knows that this hack is an applicable program to everyone's life, no matter your age.

What we learned

We learned how to use JavaScript for HTML, and we also learned how to use the Chrome APIs to successfully complete the end product.

What's next for TabSaver

After MHacks 8, the team hopes to expand TabSaver's ability to store tabs. Hopefully integrating new technologies to create custom combinations of tabs and more effective methodologies to save user time and hassle.

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