We all grew up in poverty. Our families couldn't afford good internet security while browsing for hot memes. That's when it hit us! We'll learn to code and write Chrome extensions that will protect everyone! Phishing is one such atrocity one may encounter while googling kitty cat images or whatever it is they do online.

What it does

Our extension detects phishing that changes the page you are on into that of a login page for some common site such as the gmail login page. We detect this to protect your login credentials from falling into the wrong hands. This is done by taking a screenshot before you change tabs and another once you come back to that tab. We run some high tech image analysis on the two screenshots to find the differences and alert the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It successfully informs the user of any changes.

What we learned

The internet is a dangerous place for rascals like us... making software like this very valuable.

What's next for Detector

Who can say?

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