Tablet Teacher was designed with teachers in mind. We are entering an era where classrooms will eventually all go digital. Teachers have years of lesson planning and classroom handouts and worksheets already established. We decided to allow teachers the easiest way to bring all the paper handouts and worksheets into a digital, fully functional and interactive environment. With the power of my script we are able to reach 100% accuracy which is crucial in the education realm.

What it does

Tablet teacher allows for uploading of paper materials through the cloud or even the tablets camera. We then convert them to digital paper which allows for interaction with Myscript. Not only can students fill out the worksheets but we provide an intuitive platform for teachers to control the delivery of the worksheets. Data is extracted from each completed worksheet and graded automatically. This saves teachers time and gives them valuable information on what difficulties students may have on certain problems. Essentially we give teachers more time to teach and not worry about grading and analyzing papers as we can do that for them.

What's next for Tablet-Teacher

Tablet teacher plans to launch a full app with additional features in the coming months. We look forward to working with Myscript's technology!

We Sent email to try out through test flight.

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