I started as a computer engineer, now I am a chef with a pinch of design skills. This project is born as a styling exercise to improve my design abilities and go beyond simple programming. The project is born from the desire to learn, going from the basics of HIG to studying a suitable palette for a given circumstance and, above all, keeping with the concept of an idea, all combined by a passion in the kitchen. Thanks to the tools offered by Apple, I managed to create a small prototype that will soon make its way on the AppStore. All with the participation and supervision of the expert designer Ilaria Patrociello, who guided my first uncertain steps in this world.

What it does

Spoonful is a tool that helps people who are passionate about cooking and not to deal with the most varied recipes that use a different weight conversion system compared to international measures.

How I built it

Developed all in Swift on XCode, but with an eye to converting all code for all platforms with React Native. Soon some news about it!

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