Application purpose

Track the result of table-football matches. Includes countdown timer and score counter.

Highlighted features

  • Beautiful, friendly user interface
  • Non-keystroke based, on-screen button triggered barcode scanner integration
  • NFC tag integration
  • Single-page, ultra-responsive application. No wait times between app sections
  • RhoMobile based, multi-platform app

Press release

Sporting all the enterprise features we need in today's ultra-competitive table-football results tracker market, Tablescore Pro shines above and beyond. With its user-friendly, polished interface and the integration of barcode scanning and NFC tags for seamless day-to-day operation, your table football matches will never be the same. Never again will cheaters be able to say they scored when they didn't - Tablescore Pro keeps track of your results so that your team is awarded the victory it rightfully deserves.

Optimized for the TC55 but also capable of running on multiple devices and platforms thanks to the use of the RhoElements framework, Tablescore Pro enables players to spend more time where it counts: playing and beating their competition.


Alexander Adam Josef Grinspun John Hadfield Javier Molina

Built With

  • ember.js
  • rhomobile
  • twitter-boostrap-framework
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