Use Modern Browsers' capabilities to provide richer more data driven User Interfaces to the users. (Get away from Tables and Divs !

Explore and use the capabilities of JavaScript Library D3.js (Data-Driven Document) See how graphics can be used in regular transaction based applications as well for more enriched user experience and also for better end user data processing

Newbie in D3.Js . Had to learn and use the technology simultaneously. Animating trees involves steep learning, had to skip that part

A complete user story of End User Viewing his/her banking transactions in a graphical UI could be completed. Learnt the basics of D3.js

D3.js library usage. Capabilities of modern browsers to render interesting and useful graphics. Web and browser technologies are not yet fully utilized in the current web applications - lot of scope here.

What's next for TABLELess Graphical Web - Learn Animation and use it effectively for end user experience and data processing. Make web UIs graphically intensive and useful

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