What it does

Export Coda tables to PDF, Markdown, HTML & CSV. No third party API involved. PDF export works fine for wide tables as well ! If many columns, data written on multiple pages.


While working on demo of another pack that I was working on, I felt need to export table in multiple formats. But, there wasn't any. Coda do have options to export a full document to PDF but not a particular table. Also, Coda doesn't support export of wide tables.

I also wanted to email tables directly and/or send as attachments.

How we built it

Locally using Coda Packs SDK

Coda's documentation is great!

Challenges we ran into

Coda Pack runs on an environment similar to Node.js but doesn't support Node.js APIs, at least not all. PDF libraries with table generation API work in Node.js only, so I could not use any. I settled on low level pure JS library pdf-lib. It doesn't have table generation, so needed to write code for it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I always wanted to work with native PDF generation. The PDF export is great!


Development of Coda packs & Coda platform itself.

What's next for TableExporter Pack

More options to formulas, add support for UTF8 fonts in PDF, finally publish to Gallery!

Built With

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