The goal of SkyTruth to promote environmental justice was a driving factor in the team selecting this project

What it does

Cerulean helps individuals identify ships responsible for bilge dumps, and empowers users to take action to help hold those responsible accountable.

How I built it

The application is built using a variety of AWS services on the number one public cloud provider.

Challenges I ran into

How to store and query the data were sticking points early on in the process. There were also issues involved with narrowing down the problem scope into something that could be completed in the time of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to create a solution that is a stepping stone to solving the larger problem.

What I learned

Before we started on this, we were not aware that bilge dumping was a problem. How to apply AWS technologies to work on a real word solution.

What's next for Table10

Integration of mapping and geocoding services .

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