Our go-to google chrome bookmark has a list of limitations. UI of the bookmarks is not appealing, after we bookmark our page one has to go through the entire list of tabs to get our desired tab. It also does not allow us to group or capture tabs, and to bookmark a page we have to go to the desired page first. So, Tabify is the solution to all our problems.

What it does

A one-stop bookmark management tool for the users. It is a chrome extension that captures all your tabs in the current window under a defined category and group to restore tabs as and when required.


  • Add Categories/Groups

This function allow adding of new category and group name for tabs to be capture.


  • Capture Tabs

This feature capture the current browser window tabs with option to select category and groups based on currently available categories and group.


  • Tabs Group

The tabs group feature when clicked popup a modal for

  • for selection of the list of saved tab urls with title
  • options to either delete or restore tabs base on preference.
  • option to delete entire tab group


  • Delete to Categories/Groups

To remove the entire category with categories

  • Add group to existing category

To add a group to an existing category

How we built it

We have used React as a UI framework in the chrome extension. And we have also integrated emailing services using the Twilio Send Grid API to leverage our sponsor's tool.

Challenges we ran into

No one in our team was familiar with chrome extension development, we learned the basics and started implementing them side-by-side in our project. We got stuck at many places but due to team spirit, we resolved all the issues. Also, managing states in the process of development was a challenge we faced. Conflicting time-zones was also difficult, but we tried to solve it with ease

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all, we are proud of the great collaboration we have as a team. Secondly, we are proud of the decent UI and amazing features we provided through this extension that we have even started using it. We are also proud we learned to develop chrome extension from scratch and developed a much useful project with it.

What we learned

  • Developing chrome extension using React
  • Integrating Twilio Send Grid API in the chrome-extension
  • Using various chrome-extension APIs.

What's next for Tabify

  • Developing a reminder feature, where a user can set reminders on a particular tab to resume work at some later point.
  • We will be sending emails reminders to the user using the Twilio Send Grid API.
  • Feature to maintain their own notes in any category or group section.

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