Between the pain of dividing up the check among many people at the end of a long night, and figuring out how to get paid back, we knew there must be a better way.

What it does

Tabify handles dividing up items on a tab between many people, paying the tab directly to the restaurant point-of-sale, and sending IOU messages if people need to be paid back later.

Challenges I ran into

There is a lot of nuance that goes into paying down a large check at the end of a night. People split items, people pay for other people (or just their drinks), and some people prefer cash. Sometimes, people will pay for others with the expectation of being paid back. All of these things need to be addressed directly in order to make a sane UI. On top of that, there are also technical challenges that come with ingesting and enhancing data from a third-party API (the point-of-sale, in this case).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The team really came together and found ways to account for use-cases that I don't think a lone developer may have considered on their own.

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