The main inspiration behind our product was the desire to bring an existing product into a space where it can increase the visibility and user base of an already large market.

What it does (tabi - japanese for travel) brings an easy to user interface with intuitive visuals that empower people to find and book trips in an engaging and very user-friendly way.

How we built it

The main portion of our project was a webapp built through node js and express using common web design paradigms. The VR aspect was constructed through Unity and C# and interfaces with the microsoft hololens.

Challenges we ran into

The primary challenge that came with this project was mainly attributed to the fact that only one member was familiar with web development. This put the other two members in a situation where they had to learn a lot about various technologies in a very short amount of time. With regards to VR and the development of that portion of our project, no member has prior experience so we were left in a similar situation where everything was learned on the spot through tutorials, googling, and mentorship through the many staff around.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that we explored new technologies and not only accomplished the complete construction of our webapp but also explored into the new exciting space of VR.

What we learned

Many of learned the basics of VR design alongside the design cycle of a web page - css, html, javascript, and various frameworks (the whole shebang!).

What's next for

Refining and a very strong refinement of our UI and UX to bring as fluid of an experience as possible.

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