Whenever one of us gets home from school, we sit down at our computer and open a browser. We found that we were opening the exact same websites each and every day. Whilst clicking each icon on my Bookmarks bar wasn't that hard, we wanted something even easier. Tab Bundler allows you to group tabs under one url, which you can then bookmark. When you open the bookmark, the url expands into your saved tabs.

We're most proud of how lightweight the application is - the entire app is powered by only a few kilobytes of PHP. Another great part of this project is how little of a dependency it has on the person running the server. All of the information about each website that will be opened is stored in the URL - so the only thing that needs to be running is the PHP file.

It is also worth mentioning that we started this project at about 4AM, when we finally decided to scrap our project with the Muse headband, due to its lack of documentation and bluetooth errors.

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