A Chrome extension that prevents a buildup of a million tabs by bringing them back to you later - when you need them. We've all been there. Everything that isn't due tomorrow, is due the day after, and you've got a LOT of work to do. So you multitask like crazy, working on a presentation and a paper at once while managing this social gathering you are planning for the weekend. Naturally, that means you are going to have numerous tabs open. What if you could do this in a better, more efficient, and organized way?

Tabber helps organize your internet activities by allowing you to declutter your Chrome browser. You simply download the extension, click on it, and set the time for when you want the tab to be re-opened in your browser again. Everyone knows bookmarking doesn't work because that list grows too quickly and often links at the bottom get forgotten. Tabber is better than all the other extensions/apps that manage your tabs because it's active, it force opens the browser and forces you to pay attention to the tab. Set your registration pages to open a few days before the deadline so you don't forget. Set your homework assignment webpage to open in a few hours so you get back on track if distracted.

I built Tabber with a main JSON file, and then standard web development markup languages (HTML and CSS) and Javascript with the JQuery library to make the extension interact.

In this prototype you can only open a tab at a time, but in the future you will be able to open windows full of related tabs for a specific topic, and even set recurring tabs, that open at intervals constantly (i.e every day for the week leading up to a final) so you can not forget things and stay on track.

Use your tabs better and stay organized with Tabber

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