Tabasco is a humanitarian project aimed to help victims of disasters. It is designed to process aerial-view images from drones and search autonomously for human faces, allowing more victims to be rescued and decreasing workload on rescue dispatchers.

Tabasco was built using Microsoft's Bing API and HP's Haven OnDemand Face Detection API.

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posted an update

We were also able to use Scikit Learn to analyze the pixels of faces returned by the Bing (source) + HP Haven (facial) API.

We prepared a record manually using our web interface for labeling faces, recorded with a binary 1 or 0 indicating distress. After doing so, tried out Naive Bayes, SVM, and KNN classifiers for detecting distressed faces with our manual human labels. While our sample size of images was small, this approach easily scales with more images or real time drone video feeds, something allowed with more time.

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