We use Discord to talk and text our friends because it offers and easy way to message and call our friends from any device. Our school, on the other hand, uses Microsoft Teams for online learning, which doesn't offer the same quality of services. Our idea was to make it feasible for school to migrate to Discord or at least have some classes or clubs use discord. This would improve the quality of life for the students and teachers because they would get to use a better tool for online school daily.

What it does

Our bot is capable of creating breakout rooms with designated text channels to make it easier to teach classes. With automated commands, students and teachers can selectively breakout and return. TA Bot also has a quiz feature where it will ask questions on a variety of topics to help students learn on their own in the virtual classroom. Additionally, TA Bot keeps track of assignments to help students manage their time and remember what was assigned in class. If students want to see what they did/learned over the whole year, they can view all the assignments ever assigned. TA Bot also offers some miscellaneous features like flipping a coin, picking a random number and clearing a certain number of new messages. To add the bot to your server, simply use this link:

How we built it

We used python along with the library. The library was used to interact with the server from python. We used to program the bot and we used their free database to store assignments.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time making a discord bot so we got confused in a lot of places. One challenge we had to overcome was the documentations. At first, they were very daunting because everything was on one huge page and hard to operate. We also had to figure out some of the things specific to python. This was our first times working with python to create a real project. We have some experience with object oriented programming but it was still a challenge to find the right properties and methods for what we needed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the breakout room feature because it is a feature top meeting software's have like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The breakout room feature is also very modular because breakout rooms can be named, students and teachers and easily more between breakout rooms and returning everybody back to the main meeting is super easy.

What we learned

We learned how to use and apply python to a real-life scenario and how to make bots for discord. We also learned how to effectively navigate weird documentations and how to use the internet more effectively to solve our problems.

What's next for TA Bot

We want to add more and more features to TA Bot so it can eventually become an option for clubs and schools who want to use online instruction when it is impossible to meet in person. We're super excited for this project because we already feel it has a lot of potential for educators and it could provide a more streamline learning experience for students.

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