T9Hack Project

Serverless website using AWS Lambda to convert text to speech using Amazon Polly. Alexa Skill to deliver physics facts, functioning as a tutor. Alexa Skill- Purple-to reiterate the importance of women in Science and Technology

AWS Services Used: Lambda: Serverless Webpage creation. No data centers, creation and maintenance of EC2 Instances, completely server-less hassle-free website creation for the dynamic new world! S3: Storage Service. File-Based. Used to deploy the website. Automatically stores converted audio files in mp3 format in a bucket. SNS: Notification Service to let DynamoDB know that a file has been uploaded. DynamoDB: Object-based storage. Polly: Machine Learning algorithm that converts text into speech. Various voices and translation into different languages supported. Making life simpler by the day! IAM: Security, Policy. API Gateway: To trigger Lambda Functions. Alexa Skill: Customizing Alexa's services to learn Physics and the importance of women in Science and Technology.

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