Multiple accidents occur due to various factors such as climate, road conditions, and distracted driving. The surge in traffic accidents and fatalities in Colorado is a major safety concern and increases costs for all consumers. With increasing concern for safety, developing

What it does

We made some useful visualizations which can figure out the root causes of accidents and possibly saves lives - Data saves lives

How we built it

We have collected data from open-colorado page where pre-compiled raw data on accidents and its causes were mentioned. We have made a few amendments and made out some meaningful results inform of visualizations. We used elasticsearch to store the data and kibana for showcasing the visualizations.

Challenges we ran into

In figuring out the reasons and other external factors of accidents such as climate conditions, state of driver etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to show some cool visualizations which have some interesting facts to extract and possibly adopt the changes to decrease the accidents count and thereby decrease the death toll as every life is important

What we learned

Visualizations, data handlings, converting raw data into meaning full results and thereby giving some valuable suggestions which can prevent the accidents

What's next for T9-hacks

Possibly get some ore information speed-limits, terrain and figure out some meaningful results should make more sense.

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