We were inspired to make this app because we see that many business professionals are not too familiar with the streaming marketplace. What this app aims to do is to create a bridge for business individuals with the streaming world and allow them to see analytics for streamers regardless of where they are from. We aim to provide an easily accessible tool for advertisers in the realm of streamers.

What it does

The app generates a data set with hopes of generating a data model. We were working to make all streamer information apparent to the business side of the streaming world. The app has all data readily available to be displayed for this purpose, just lacking the appropriate means to do so.

How I built it

We built this first beginning with our backend development utilizing python, sql, and Azure's Cloud hosting services. We managed to get our data together pulled from Twitch API and dockerized our applications. To host our information, we chose to use Bubble because we thought it would be an easy way to display our data.

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenge was front-end development since none of us are UX/UI designers at heart. We thought bubble would be the easiest alternative to display our data, but we falled short in the time span of the event. We really liked Bubble though and look forward to using it again.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think we're all proud of the amount of work we were able to do in a 24 hour timespan. We all live in different timezones, so it was very hard to group up and get a project going.

What I learned

I personally relearned python and learned about the OAuthentication cycle. Tanner learned how to dockerize applications and how to use Azure's cloud platform.

What's next for T2BAnalyitics

Next up for T2BAnalytics is likely another hackathon this month, then hackoff in December! We're prospective college students looking to get some nice projects under our belts during quarantine.

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