Individuals who message online often run into problems with privacy when it comes to sending images to one another. Approximately 6 billion SMS (short message service) messages are sent everyday. The average teenager sends on average 3,339 text messages, 4,050 (females) vs 2,539 (males) per month. Teens are sending 8% more texts this year, and will keep increasing. Based on our sample data of 20 hackers, all 20 say they run into problems with accidentally sending a text they didn’t intend to send. In total, 8.6 trillion messages are sent every year - so this is a big issue proportionally. is a webapp written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript (Node.js). Messaging platform using Moxtra SDK When you upload an image or document, it is scanned by the Cognitive Services API provided by Microsoft. If sensitive content such as personal information is being exposed, you will be prompted a choice of whether or not you really want to send the image of document.

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