In a world where apps are racing to find a new niche problem to solve, we felt there were still important needs that had not been addressed. Over half of our team members kept all our task-list information (i.e. grocery lists, midterm dates) on a notepad or other inefficient method of storage. Even worse, some of us stored passwords and other important information in a completely unprotected environment. So, we decided to make an app that meets the need of an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and safe organizer. Bubble Buddy is the buddy for your every day adventures and will keep your mind at ease.

What it does

Our application organizes your life using a simple and effective interface. Use bubbles to store information about anything you want, whether its grocery list items, upcoming deadlines, or a reminder to a friend. A helping hand to guide a million little victories.

How we built it

Our app was built using intelliJ-idea, which combines xml and java to build an Android Application.

Challenges we ran into

We want our users to construct the content of the app dynamically. One of the greatest challenges we had was working with these dynamic features, of which we were not familiar with. We never quite realized that in order to give the user the experience they need while still retaining the sleek user interface, the development process would be magnitudes more difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Dynamic activities/bubbles, data storage, prototyping, our sleek design, and landing page.

What we learned

Sometimes the simplest of tasks you use on your phone can take the longest of times. For us, data storage was the easiest part, but laying out our bubbles took an endless amount of time. Basically, don't underestimate any task when developing.

Technically speaking, we were able to greatly enhance our mobile development skills, and we were finally have an opportunity to implement good UI/UX practices.

What's next for T232 Bubble Buddy

Converting to iOS so all our team members can have a copy :) Adding new and exciting features!

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